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AN M80 promotion

Tucson Rodeo Grounds

Aug 31 and Sept 1, 2002


Tournament of Destruction  

Demolition derby
tuff trucks

Featuring 10 cars & trucks
by Roadkill Racing

Night of Thrills

Tucson Raceway Park
Sept 7, 2002

Monster Trucks
Green mamba Jet Car
Meltdown and Fire-show
Spectacular Drags
Demolition derby on the asphalt
Auto Football and more
Coca-Cola presents

Tucson Raceway Park
Sept 21, 2002
BUS Demolition derby
How safe are those kids?
AZ State fair
Phoenix, AZ
Oct 18-20, 2002
Figure 8 racing
AZ State fair
Phoenix, AZ
Oct 25-27, 2002
Demolition Derby