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Roadkill Racing

Demolition Derby Rules

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Derby Rules

Car specifications

1. Any passenger type cars excluding Chrysler Imperials, no trucks, convertibles, commercial vehicles, compacts. Minimum 110 wheel base.

2. Cars must have a sign plate on top minimum 15" x 15" legible numbers on both sides.

3. CAR'S numbers must be visable from any angle, BOTH SIDES front and back.

4. Drivers Must Use seat belt. Shoulder straps highly recommended.

5. All drivers doors must be a contrasting color with a stop sign or stop clearly printed on the door.

6. Interior drivers door must be padded with shock absorbing material.

7. Any type of reinforcement is allowed only in the drivers door area and must not extend beyond the door.

8. Car may have a cross bar behind drivers seat and bar cannot extend 3" behind door posts.

9. Bar replacing DASHBOARD cannot exceed 2" OD pipe.

10. An additional bar may be added connecting the dash bar with the cross bar and cannot exceed 2" OD pipe.

11. Batteries may be relocated inside car.

12. Batteries must be secured at least four feet from gas tank and be covered or have spill proof caps.

13. Gas tanks must be SECURELY fastened to floor, military style, boat or racing tanks, of ten gallon CAPACITY or less, are required, no exceptions. Stock tanks must be removed. No starting fluid or electric fuel pumps unless factory equipt.

14. Electric fuel pumps must have shutoff switch mounted on the top center of dash, within reach of driver and officials from either side of car, it must be clearly marked (on/off).

15. Electric fuel pump and line must be compleatly shielded from driver AND RUN OUTSIDE DRIVER COMPARTMENT, electric fuel pump cars must have 2" or larger drain holes in floor pan.

16. One or more 8" flame-out hole required in hood.

17. All glass, plastic, pot metal, and chrome trim must be removed from car, including broken glass in interior door panels. no rubbish in trunk.

18. All doors must be chained (max chain size 9/32") and/or welded. Doors, trunk, and hood may be welded COMPLETELY and/or chained ? 9/32".

19. Hood bolts MUST be shorter than 8" washers must be smaller than 6"

20. Bumpers must be from LEGAL cars only, and can be interchanged. bumpers may be trimmed, all cuts must be rounded with no sharp edges. Bumper brackets must be stock type and CANNOT be MODIFIED. Shock absorbing bumper brackets may be welded. (warning possible explosion)

21. No ton or larger/heavier differentials

22. No reinforcing of car (other than drivers door) will be allowed.

23. Welds cannot replace bolts.

24. When patching car, it cannot be stronger than ORIGINAL strength.

25. All d.o.t. tires allowed (32" tall or less). No studs or solid tires. Tires must be air inflated. no homemade wheels. BEAD LOCKS permitted.

26. Stock factory suspension only. No load levelers, spring or shackle modifications. Chaining differential permitted (for driver visibility).

27. Radiators must remain in stock position. No additional cooling tanks allowed. Only water may be used in radiators, no antifreeze.

28. All pits must have a working 5 lb fire extinguisher and drain pan.

Any questions or pre-inspection


Reasons for disqualification

1. Leaving vehicle, except in case of fire, injury, or official ok.

2. Pit crew in arena during COMPETITION.

3. Reckless endangerment.

4. Hitting the drivers door.

5. Arguing with any official.

6. Not initiating contact for two consecutive minutes with other live cars

7. Failure to actively participate in contest. "sandbagging".

8. Excessive smoke, (not steam).

9. Working on car during competition or any times of pause.

10. Not using SAFETY EQUIPMENT, seat belt, helmet, ect.

11. Drinking of ALCOHOL in pits, or deemed to be intoxicated.

12. Ailure to submit to a post race inspection.

13. Failure to mix up hits (last four cars)

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